Getting Started by Intel-Teach

Getting Started as his name, It’s must show that the training is from the beginning or in other word to learn from the beginning. Indeed seem like learning again, but that there are always learning new things as often expressed by the man who loves learning, often including as talk by Agnito Moningka trainer, that you will definitely find new things.

Of course, since as we learn from the Microsoft Office version 6 at the time we had to use Windows 95, 97 to version 2000, 2002, 2003 we never learn in detail, and overall, because we only use what is normally which our normal day-to-day life in the work and do other tasks. Therefore, when we use Microsoft Office 2007 or OpenOffice.Org version 3, we always find new things to the menu and sub menu that can not be in direct-access.

Which is certainly interesting if we follow the procedures provided by both Microsoft and Intel to learn from the Getting Started version 2.0 (at this time, May 2009), always find new things are. On stage, Plan – Do – Review – Share, of course we get, especially for teachers working with through the process of Plan-do – to examine Sharing to other co-workers wherever we live and work, of course this is always the interesting part, because of our interaction with different cultures and skill and attitude, a value that is always changing from time to time.

I hope to work with the planned practices will become a muscle-pulse for the teachers and staff’s  that is in the range of word and in different ministry departments in this beloved Indonesia. And this habit is also a nice spread to all the students who will be the back-bone of the future of this beloved country.

(Budi Haryono @ P4TK-OEM, Getting Started Intel, Intel-Teach)

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